Open Source

ROCLASI Software Solutions is a big advocate of Open Source projects. In fact we created a website ( ServoyForge ) that facilitates the development of Open Source Servoy beans/plugins/modules/solutions.

Servoy Solutions

When you develop Servoy solutions/modules that need to be localized into more than one language you can use the i18n support in Servoy. But when you are with a large team of developers and/or translators that are maybe also in different geographical locations then this task can be a challenge.
This is where Polyglot comes in. It's a multi-user translation tool for Servoy solutions where you can assign users to specific solutions and languages

» Polyglot project page at ServoyForge

Servoy Modules

Gantt module
The Gantt module is a 100% Servoy native implementation of an interactive gantt chart.
It is highly configurable and a nice example what can be done with the Servoy SolutionModel.
  • hierarchical task nodes for grouping of tasks
  • indent/outdent of task nodes
  • move up/down of task nodes
  • collapse/expand all group nodes
  • printing of the whole chart
  • auto-expansion of the chart timeline when adding new tasks
  • trimming-option of the chart timeline to match the tasks
  • zooming in/out in the chart
  • highly customizable button bar
  • built-in preference window
  • the look can be changed by altering the CSS stylesheet, no need to dig into code for this
  • extensive API to control all functions and preferences

» Gantt module project page at ServoyForge

Servoy's valuelist is limited to 500 items (but using such a long list in a combobox is considered bad UI).
You could use a typeahead field where the list loads dynamically depending on what you type but that also has it's limitations.
The valuelist can also be cumbersome when you need to see more info of this record to make a decission on what record to choose.
This is where the JSListPicker comes in.

The JSListPicker doesn't have all these limitations. it can handle millions of records, allows for showing multiple columns and lets a user search on multiple columns as well. And you, as a developer, are in full control of all that.

» JSListPicker project page at ServoyForge

A 100% Servoy native replacement for the standard Java datepicker that works in Smart and Webclient.
It is highly configurable:
  • show/hide week numbers
  • disable specific days of the week
  • allow only a specific date range
  • show only the first character of the day name (or else 3)
  • use a custom title (optional)
  • show the dialog at X/Y coordinates
  • uses a stylesheet so it can be made to look different without touching the code

» JSDatePicker project page at ServoyForge

Since version 2.2 Servoy supports modulair development of solutions.
We created the HTML Tree module.The second module ever published for Servoy which is a showcase on what modules can do for your solution development, but also what can be done with the HTML support inside Servoy.
It mimics the DbTree javabean (bundled with Servoy) but gives some more control over it's behavior and can be expanded to your needs. The tree itself is 100% HTML.

» HTML Tree «