Servoy Consulting and Development

With over 28 years experience (of which over 14 years with Servoy) in developing database solutions for large and small organisations such as educational institutions and broadcasting companies (Radio/TV) ROCLASI Software Solutions can be your perfect partner to design and develop your in-house/proprietary applications. Even if you need a one-time solution we can help you fast and affordable. Servoy enables us to give you access to your data within a matter of minutes to hours.

Servoy Hosting

Next to developing solutions we also provide the option to host the Servoy solutions on our servers.
This way customers don't have to deal with administrating a server, database and backups.
Our servers are UNIX based and are powered by PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced Open Source database, to ensure a stable and secure environment for our customers data.

Powered by PostgreSQL

At the moment there are no plans of offering this as a seperate service for hosting third party solutions.